Email is still a very powerful tool to keep in touch with your clients and to capture new leads in 2017. If you need to send newsletters or you do remarketing using email you need reliable email marketing softwares and platforms. This article is also useful for people already using an email marketing tool as new players arrived with competitive prices.
There are free email marketing tools, but…
When you are at the very begging of your business and every penny counts it’s natural to search for free tools. There are free email marketing tools, but as you can imagine there are also various limitations such as emails and users amounts or/ and time limitation, such us one month trial. Let’s visit together some email platforms and analyze pros and cons.

2015. New smart mobile phones are launched in Barcelona, where each year the World Mobile Congress is the place to be for this mobile industry. For the first time, there was a real discussion about the 5G, the new mobile Internet speed, available in a few years, around 2020. Still, you'll be surprised to read in our online marketing blog that no, you don't need a mobile version for your website. In the past, the m.domain .com website version was recommended in order to capture the users came from the mobile. The trend is changed and nowadays no one cares about the m. version. What had changed? We need to think in something new, the web responsive website version. It's what the programmers are developing, also at Startweb, because the device used to navigate through your website can be a smartphone (and there are sow many sizes), a phablet (this mix between a phone and a tablet that records the huge dimension of the first mobile phones; we hate it then, we enjoy it now), a tablet, a laptop, an info kiosk, a desktop computer, etc.

We heard very often questions from our clients about the information proper to be displayed into the meta description, the tiny snippet displayed into the search results page from the search engines such as Google or Bing. The manual recommendation is to resume the content of the landing page and to write an appealing short description (we rather say not more of 110 characters thinking to the increasing mobile use and to the capacity of displaying meta description texts into the mobile screen results). But what if we add at the end of the meta description a call to action such us Call us at... and a phone number?

Writing this post haunting me since a while, but as lately I was contacted by a prospect that wants to start an SEO campaign AFTER launching his website, I decided to write. From my experience is a lot harder optimize an already published website that a new one or his new version. Also, the clients that putted online their website don't have patience considering that the time for the first results is higher. Why do you have to decide for an SEO campaign BEFORE launching the website if is possible? What do we have to check before launching the website? Reed this article and avoid common mistakes. Let's see some things. - Code errors. The CSS, Java scripts, php. Check this directly on your server, not on that of the developer because is useless; configure a Disallow command into your Robots.txt file or just create a hidden web directory containing the new website;

One common mistake is to be so obsessed by acquire more and more web traffic, that we stop thinking and the traffic gold that we lose every day. It's truth that traffic obsession is money obsession, by sales/ leads/ other user actions, but we should pay more attention to the bounce rate, namely the users that already enter our web and then leave without at least saying good bye - viewing only one web page. At Startweb, we are explaining to our clients that the first SEO action is to analyse top bounce rate pages in order to try understanding what are the problems and how to retain more users into their web & determine a large part to interact. Keep in mind, a medium of 30% bounce rate is acceptable, but in the end it depends of each business. Therefore, let's suppose that you have 1000 unique visits by week, but less that 1% represents conversions. Less then 10 people are interested in your web/ offer. 

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