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We heard very often questions from our clients about the information proper to be displayed into the meta description, the tiny snippet displayed into the search results page from the search engines such as Google or Bing. The manual recommendation is to resume the content of the landing page and to write an appealing short description (we rather say not more of 110 characters thinking to the increasing mobile use and to the capacity of displaying meta description texts into the mobile screen results). But what if we add at the end of the meta description a call to action such us Call us at... and a phone number? For some businesses it could work and the information displayed on the Google or Bing result pages, into the meta title, meta description and into the optimized with the proper keywords link, is enough for the searcher. google voice logo Enough for understanding the information and for having the answer to his search. Therefore, maybe he didn't need to click into your website and to spend some time reading the information displayed into the landing page and then click into the contact page, etc. He could pick your phone number displayed at the end of the meta description and call you ! Also helped by the call to action message: Call us at... ! Think on how it works with the Google AdWords announces. The searcher sees a tiny announce with a phone number attached and if he is interested he will call the number instead to click into the link and navigate from the website. Is it wrong? I mean, yes we lose a visit, but who cares? We win a conversion, the searcher pick the number and call us! google adwords ads Don't be afraid of the fact that the user don't click the link. Don't be afraid to experiment this trick, used regularly as announce extension into the Google AdWords advertisings. It's difficult to track this kind of conversions and I don't advice to use a special phone number for these meta description because is possible that Google don't accept it cause of the differences between the phone number displayed in your meta description and the on page one. But in the end we can win a client and by one survey you could have an estimation about these natural conversions without click.

gabriel draghia seo bucharest I am Gabriel Draghia, founder of Startweb SRL, and I personally coordinate your account for all contracted web services. In 2002, I created the agency Startweb to offer customized web marketing solutions where the customer is treated like a commercial partner. I offer advice, I bring innovative ideas, I know the activity of my clients, I meet them frequently [read more]

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