Coworking Barcelona

Coworking Barcelona

Coworking Barcelona was a very interesting and difficult project. We worked on this via Webéxito, our Spanish label, mainly on SEO and marketing strategies. We started working on SEO at the end of 2015, on a brand new domain, with high competition and also with websites ranked TOP 10 with [coworking barcelona] keyword in their domain or subdomain. Coworking Barcelona is a web directory listing all Barcelona shared offices and Startweb worked hard on each coworking web page, on description, images, meta tags, URL page, etc. Also we worked backlinks by partnerships concluded. After only one year, at the end of our collaboration, we left coworkingbarcelona.es website on the Google first results page: #7 [coworking barcelona], keyword delevering 495,000 results on Google Spain - coworkingbarcelona.es


30 Noviembre 2016