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Murs Végétalisés

Murs Végétalisés

Murs Végétalisés was a hugh translation project. Startweb had to localize for the French market Spanish Vivers Ter website. First of all, we advised our client to put the new project on a new French domain, including some important keywords. At Startweb we were aware that EMD (exact match domain) and PMD (partial match domain) weren't loved by Google, but on the one hand we saw results on domains including important keywords, on the other hand we always have to think to the user: EMD or PMD can inform about website content or about business main activity. Startweb advised Vivers Ter to buy mursvegetalises.fr web domain, then we made a keyword research in order the adapt our Spanish strategy and finally we worked on translations. We kept all images but with French alt attributes adapted to the new keyword strategy - mursvegetalises.fr


30 Noiembrie 2016


SEO, Website translation